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Introducing: a Raichu collector!

Hello there!
(I'm posting the same thing I already posted in Pokemon Collectors, because it feels weird to start my own Livejournal without an introduction post. x3)

So, the name is Laura, 18 years old, from Finland. (Yes, it's really cold here right now, and no, we don't have polar bears.)
I've been a Pokemon fan ever since they came to Finland, I was 7 back then. Now I'm both a TCG player and a collector, and a TCG league leader at that! (Which means that if you need old league scorecards or badges for your collections, I might be able to help you! :3 ...when I get my sales permission, that is.)

My main collection is, of course, Raichu. <3
My other favorites/side collections: Mew, Furret, Eeveelutions, Ampharos... Lot's of cute little things. (Why oh why have I fallen for the things that are popular and therefore hard to get...)
I also will be buying lots of Sudowoodo and Hoothoot lines stuff for my boyfriend and for example Swampert line, Celebi, Rayquaza etc. for my friends.

Would you like to get a little tour around my room to see what I have? :3 (I hope it's not too long and image heavy...)

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