Rai-chan (rainyan) wrote,

Introducing: a Raichu collector!

Hello there!
(I'm posting the same thing I already posted in Pokemon Collectors, because it feels weird to start my own Livejournal without an introduction post. x3)

So, the name is Laura, 18 years old, from Finland. (Yes, it's really cold here right now, and no, we don't have polar bears.)
I've been a Pokemon fan ever since they came to Finland, I was 7 back then. Now I'm both a TCG player and a collector, and a TCG league leader at that! (Which means that if you need old league scorecards or badges for your collections, I might be able to help you! :3 ...when I get my sales permission, that is.)

My main collection is, of course, Raichu. <3
My other favorites/side collections: Mew, Furret, Eeveelutions, Ampharos... Lot's of cute little things. (Why oh why have I fallen for the things that are popular and therefore hard to get...)
I also will be buying lots of Sudowoodo and Hoothoot lines stuff for my boyfriend and for example Swampert line, Celebi, Rayquaza etc. for my friends.

Would you like to get a little tour around my room to see what I have? :3 (I hope it's not too long and image heavy...)

Let's start with the top of my bookshelf.

Whoops, random plushies in the middle x3 The clock isn't working, I should remember to change the batteries... But anyway, here are some of my little loved plushies. Marill, Charmander, Oddish and Meowth on the right are especially dear to me because they are really old, my dad brought them from a business trip to Japan around 1999. And I love both my Raichu backpacks, too. <3 You can also see some of my Pokemon manga in the shelf.

And that's the other side. Note all the Raichus, I have 6 of the most common one and 3 of that smaller one (Friends plush?). I have lots of random stuff that aren't really a collection or anything, I just like practically all the Pokemon stuff that I come across.

That's one of the shelves. Some zukans on the right, HGSS preorder figures on the left... And in the middle there's the adorable Pokemon house I bought a year or two ago. It has Pokemon Center, Poke Mart and everything... <3 And there's my Raichu 1st ed TFG figure, too. I also have the normal one, but somehow the 1st ed ended up in my bookshelf.

That's most of my figures. One for Pokekids and one for all the others. I also have a couple of smaller boxes somwhere in my room. I really regret not having a better place for them, but there just isn't any free space for them in my room... I'm really looking forward to getting my own apartment. Then I'll have a huge bookshelf so I can put everything on display. For sure.

And now for my pride and joy...

My furry Raichu and Raichu canvas <3 Yeah, maybe they're not that rare, but here in Finland they are really hard to get and they're my dearest ones. <3 Furry Pichu, too. I'd like to get a Pikachu of the same kind. The huge Pikachu was found in a second hand store for 3€ (around $4), I was so happy... The big Eevee is one of my most recent gets. Does anyone know anything about this little fellow? I haven't seen ones like that in the internet, so I don't even know what it's really worth... And the little Sudowoodo belongs to my boyfriend, it's just keeping me company until I see him again (he lives 200km away from here so we don't see each other that often).

Actually, I don't know pretty much anything about my collection. I mean the origins, what they are worth etc. Is there anything out of ordinary, something that's not that easy to find? It would be really nice to know because most of this has been just randomly found.

So, here it is. I wonder if I forgot to say something. Nice to meet you all. ^^

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